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Candles & Plants

Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy 30 Minutes

In-Office Only

30 minute Massage

of your choice.



Massage Therapy 60 Minutes

In-Office or In-Home

60 minute Massage

of your choice.

$95 in office/$120 in house


Massage Therapy 90 Minutes

In-Office or In-Home

90 minute Massage

of your choice.

$140 in office/$160 in house

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon irrigation helps to improve overall health by ridding the body of the excess buildup of bacteria, fungi, and viruses within the microbiome of the gut. I utilize a “Closed” System machine to facilitate the cleanse.  Pure water; no additives. Water is cycled through 4 filters. The coffee colonic helps to detoxify the liver. The coffee is organic and harvested strictly for colon irrigation

Colon Hydrotherapy

$95 per session

Coffee Colonic

$125 per session

Prescription from a Doctor might be necessary.

Please call for details

Additional Services

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